Choosing your Wedding Venue

When it comes to choosing your wedding venue, keep it simple. What I mean is, don’t make it too complicated. Sitting down to write an article to help provide some direction, I was overwhelmed to find article headlines like this:

30 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before You Book
– 75 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue
– Our GIANT List of Important Questions to Ask Wedding Venues

What?! I could hardly bring myself to open such articles. You’re probably finding this whole wedding planning thing exhausting also. Well, part of the mission of Collective Weddings & Events is provide helpful information without requiring an account. So here you go, a few simple tips to get you started.

1. Trust your vision.

If you’ve always wanted that historic ballroom, a lakeside view, gardens, or a rustic barn, go take a look at these types of venues in your area. See what spaces feel right to you. It’s really likely that there is not just one perfect place. Your wedding can be wonderful no matter where you celebrate.

2. Consider your guest list.

Decide early on if you plan to invite all the friends and extended family members, or if you are planning a more intimate gathering. If it’s a destination wedding, you will want to help your guests by making sure there are enough nearby accommodations and perhaps provide a shuttle service if the hotel is not attached or very close to the venue. Making these decisions will help you with the next step.

Note: If you plan to send save-the-dates, be sure to send only to those you really plan to invite to the wedding. Consider what it may feel like when you receive a save-the-date, and then the date comes and goes and you never received an invite.

3. Begin your budget.

You knew I was going to go there! Of course you need to consider the costs of your wedding dress, hair, photographer, and entertainment. The number of guests affects the cost of food, rentals, decor, invitations, and many other items on your to-do list, so determining that invite list is probably the best place to start.

Choosing your wedding venue can be difficult, because Central Minnesota is home to so many gorgeous wedding venues! Collective has compiled a list of wedding venues for you with the ability to narrow your wedding venue search by keyword or by location.

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