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1114 Broadway Street
Alexandria, Minnesota 56308

By appointment only.
Contact Person: Kristine Brugh

Spa Nala has a certified laser technician you can trust!  Trained through one of the best schools in the nation, Kristine Brugh, Owner and Certified Laser Technician has been in the industry since 2013. Her passion and focus allow her to stay current in the ever evolving world of laser technology, assuring her clients are continuously provided the best, and most up-to-date services in the area.

Laser Hair Removal

Spa Nala’s laser hair removal provides a long-lasting solution for both men and women. Your skin will look and feel better and you’ll save time and money because you will no longer have to shave! For special events, you can be confident that there will be no five o’clock shadow coming in.

The Soprano ICE is the most complete and effective laser hair removal solution available today. It incorporates multiple laser wavelengths and technologies which allows us to treat the widest range of patients and hair types all year round. Treatments can be administered quickly and comfortably so you can achieve the best possible clinical results.

Tattoo Removal

If you’re part of the 20% of Americans regretting your tattoo, Spa Nala offers the best and most advanced way of removing it. Laser tattoo removal erases your ink safely with no scarring. Alternatively, Spa Nala can lighten an existing tatt, making it easier for an artist to recover it.

Skin Rejuvenation

Let Spa Nala help you reverse signs of aging, scarring, acne, sun damage, birthmarks, and skin discoloration. Our certified laser technicians can help with Pixel Perfect, Photofacial, Opus Plasma, or Laser 360 treatments.

The Opus system’s Opus Plasma® is the first-of-its-kind Fractional Plasma® technology to enter the skin resurfacing market. This treatment addresses skin-quality concerns with less downtime and a higher safety profile.

Why Spa Nala?

Kristine is experienced and passionate about staying up to date on certifications and takes advanced training courses multiple times a year. You can trust her to help you look and feel your best.

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