Shopping for a Wedding Dress: Helpful Tips

Shopping for a wedding dress should be an enjoyable experience. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that this day becomes a happy memory for everyone who is part of it, especially you the bride-to-be!

Bring a select few. It’s recommended to limit  shopping parties to no more than 4 people who know you and your personality best, whether related or not. If there is one person whose opinion really matters (mom, future mother-in-law or a sister, for example), it’s best to make sure they are present. Everyone in your party can be  included when you go bridesmaid dress shopping.

Speak your mind. It can be easy for everyone to blurt their initial opinions when you step out of the dressing room. Alternatively, YOU should be the one to express how you feel about the dress. Do you like the fit? The neckline? Maybe it looks beautiful, but you don’t like the fabric. Perhaps you think it’s over or under embellished…

Trust your vision. Those who are present should also trust your vision. After all, this is YOUR wedding day! It is not about anyone else’s expectations. For those who are along for this experience, keep an open mind. Try to remember how you felt when you found your own wedding dress, then extend the same courtesty so the bride can experience that same joyous emotion.

Ask questions. This industry changes often, from dress shipping timelines, color availability, alteration options and bustles to bring trains up for receptions and dances. For example, it can take up to 6 months for wedding dresses to come in from some suppliers. Make sure your bases are covered by asking questions.

The Jackie J’s Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

It is recommended to call 2-4 weeks before you plan on shopping for a wedding dress. When you schedule an appointment at Jackie J’s, you can expect a personal consultant to be available for your entire appointment. Our professionals are here to help you find the right wedding dress.

Be honest about what you can spend. Budgets for gowns can vary widely. We want to present you with dresses that have the qualities you want at the right price for you. Keep in mind that there may be additional costs for alterations of straps, bustles or hems. Jackie J’s does not offer alterations.

Trust your consultant’s expertise. We listen to what you are looking for in a dress. Feel free to share photos of what you like.  Once a direction is established, we can present wedding dresses with the desired attributes. Our consultants are here to assist you in and out of dresses so your guests can relax and enjoy the experience. Jackie J’s is here to help you narrow down which dress to say YES to!

While some dresses may take up to 6 months for delivery, Jackie J’s has over 900 bridal gowns in stock! You can take advantage of in-stock savings when you purchase off the rack. We extend the same courtesies to customers looking for bridesmaids dresses, tuxedos or mothers’ dresses.

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