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Myofascial Unwinding

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Contact Person: Maria Minette

Maria at Stillpoint CST practices a specific method of Craniosacral Therapy called Dynamic Body Balancing. It is a combination of craniosacral therapy, myofascial unwinding, and biofield therapy. This therapy initiates the body’s natural ability to heal and bring balance to the whole body- which is key to health and wellness. 

Craniosacral therapy works with soft tissues surrounding the brain and the spine. This craniosacral system houses special fluid that has a movement called the craniosacral rhythm. When this system is healthy, the fluid flows like a strong and steady stream. When there is a restriction within this system, think of it like a boulder in a stream; the water moves around it, but it doesn’t flow as efficiently. Unrestricted flow in the craniosacral system creates whole body health- physically and mentally. It is also important to keep this system balanced because it supports all the systems of the body. 

Myofascial unwinding is the part of craniosacral therapy that helps your body initiate release of restrictions from within (different from external facia work) returning your body to proper structure and function. It is painless and deeply relaxing. 

Everyday our body experiences stress and strain. This results in areas of dysfunction, an unhealthy, unbalanced body… and eventually pain and even disease. Craniosacral therapy helps the body return to its natural healthy function as God designed it to do. 

Craniosacral therapy can be described as light-touch bodywork that improves your body’s natural ability to heal and produce profound positive changes in health and well-being. 

– Maria

Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy: 

  • Pregnant Women: helps with keeping the pelvis aligned to allow ample space for baby to grow and get in position for birth and a smoother delivery, heartburn, fatigue, 
  • Newborns and Infants: helps with nursing issues, tongue and lip tie revisions, torticollis, reflux, colic, head-shape, sleep issues, inability to settle, earaches, developmental delays 
  • Children and Teens: helps with sleep issues, digestive issues, poor attention/focus, speech delays or impediments, learning disabilities, sensory processing issues, poor coordination, anxiety, anger issues, poor immunity, hyper-activity 
  • Adults: helps with headaches, heartburn, pain, injuries, sciatica, sleep issues, TMJ pain, digestive issues, sinus drainage, fatigue, anxiety, postural considerations, hormone regulation, stress 

CST is also recommended if chiropractic adjustments don’t seem to be holding. Myofascial unwinding may help relax the fascial pull that affects the vertebrae. 

Maria found relief from migraines with CST and decided to start her practice to help others find relief from their pain and dysfunction. This might be the alternative treatment you’ve been looking for. Contact her to schedule an appointment. She is located in Sauk Centre and St. Michael. 

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